2019 September17th-20th in SHIROYAMA HOTEL kagoshima

High Score, Inc.

Session: ユーザーにとってめっちゃ気持ちえぇ~動画広告とは
Our history has begun the start up project " Hineranka" in septeni group.
"Hineranka" comes from "Hinerankai" which means brain storming.
Then, we realized how great if we could support them through our original services
through a lot of experience to collaborate with our clients.
So, we established our company Highscore!
Currently, we provide our marketing solution of smartphone
which used original creative for our clients in Japan and overseas.
Especially, our client evaluate our original contents which are customized for their each campain.
We use our own research platform to create the original content.
It is one of our strengthen.
We would love to collaborate with you.