Pauline Laigneau

Co-founder & CMO
Pauline Laigneau, 35, is the co-founder and Chief Marketing Officer of Gemmyo – the first digital fine jewelry brand. She first studied English and American literature in Lyon. After a very short career as an English teacher, she realized she was looking for more challenges and adventure in her professional life. She thus embarked on a new path in business at HEC Paris, where she studied entrepreneurship: creating a company would be the best option to achieve her goal and her career aspirations.
When her now co-founder, Charif Debs, asked her to marry him, they began searching for an engagement ring together. However, they had the feeling that the search – which should have been pleasant – was a little bit disappointing and exhausting. They went from shop to shop, from brand to brand, to find the perfect design, but customization was hard to come by and there were always hidden costs.
At this exact time, Pauline Laigneau had an epiphany. That intimidating experience convinced her to create a new kind of jewelry brand, customised, modern and welcoming. She thus funded Gemmyo in 2011, with her husband Charif. Since beginning the company, Pauline Laigneau has been deeply invested in its success with a focus on value proposition, customer experience and marketing. Today the company has 30 employees and 3 showrooms in Paris and Lyon.
Pauline also created the successful podcast Le Gratin, where she interviews France’s Crème de la crème to tease out their habits, philosophies, business or life principles.